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    Main » 2009 » December » 16 » uae4all
    uae4all  0.8.0c (Amiga A500+,A600HD emulator)            updated 15.12.2009

    Motorola A1200, A1600, E6, E2, ZN5, Z6, V8 port by Lubomyr

    pkg-package (motorola A1200, A1600, E6, E2)

    mpkg-package (motorola Z6, V8) extract amiga dir in Emulator folder on memory card

    pep-package (motorola Z6, V8)

    mgx-package (motorola ZN5, U9)

    support CPU: Motorola MC68000 (used cyclone core)
    Amiga A500,A500+,A600,A600HD
    tested kickstart 1.3 (512kb) 2.04, 2.05

    changing input mode - mod+joy fire (a1200,a1600,e6,e2)
                                     left soft key (z6,v8,zn5,u9)
    - virtual keyboard mode

    - joystick mode - (joystick)
    --alternative fire - vol'+'
    --alternative up - vol'-'
    --autofire on/off (must be on in menu) - mod+(left/right) (A1200,A1600,E6)
                                                              right soft key (z6,v8,zn5,u9)
    --alternative left - forward (E6, E2)
    --alternative right - back (E6, E2)

    - mouse mode
    -- left mouse click - volume'-'
    -- right mouse click - volume '+'

    menu - camera key
    increase volume - mod+volume'+' (a1200,a1600,e6,e2)
    decrease volume - mod+volume'-' (a1200,a1600,e6,e2)
    insert disk in 1-st drive (df0) - fire, 2-nd (df1) -mod+left
    3 (df2) - mod+right, 4 (df3) - mod+up (a1200,a1600,e6,e2)
    insert disk in df0 (floppy drive) - joy fire or '1'
    df1-'2', df2-'3' df3-'3' (z6,v8,zn5,u9)
    overclock - recommended
    Views: 2084 | Added by: lubomyr | Rating: 5.0/1 |
    Total comments: 9
    9 jianan   [Entry]
    Mr. lubomyr Hello, why do I run when installed, the screen displays [kick.rom not found press any button to retry]

    8 tomaswoj   [Entry]
    HI Lubomyr,

    i could port it to E8, also with some onscreen keyboard support. I did this for e8 dosbox (see :)). So hopefully it would be not that hard for me, as i have whole toolchain setup and some expertise with it :).

    I just need a source code.

    7 kimifan316   [Entry]
    Can you port Amiga emulator to E8 as well??

    6 Marcos   [Entry]
    I work in e2 I only went once

    3 Robert   [Entry]
    Hi lubomyr,
    Thanks for this great idea to run all the good old Amiga stuff on our moto phones! :-)
    I have a ROKR Z6 (.4ER flashed with Linuxmod 2.0 Aberrant Ape). I have downloaded the amiga dir and extracted to /mmc/mmca1/Emulator/ and installed the uae4all mpkg. It appears in the main menu, but when I try to start it nothing happens. Can you help, please?

    4 lubomyr   [Entry]
    please post uae4all.log
    i try to help

    5 lubomyr   [Entry]

    1 Hellraiser   [Entry]
    Куда класть kickstart, какое у него должно быть имя и в каком регистре чтобы запустить сабж на Z6 после установки с pep

    2 lubomyr   [Entry]
    кикстарт класть в папку kickstarts она должна быть там где установлен эмулятор, имя должно быть в нижнем регистре kick13.rom kick20.rom kick31.rom в зависимости от версии кикстарта

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