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    Main » 2010 » September » 23 » EzxGPSP

    Emulator by Oopsware, Ro1ne, Lasly

    Port by Galaxian

    pkg-package (Motorola A1200, A1600, E6, E2)
    mgx-package (Motorola ZN5)
    mpkg-package (Motorola Z6, V8)
    pep-package (Motorola Z6, V8)

    Roms put in /mmc/mmca1/Emulator/GBA

    /mmc/mmca1 - your SD card

    General Game Control:

    Configured in the config

    Views: 1181 | Added by: EXL | Rating: 5.0/2 |
    Total comments: 10
    10 tincho5588   [Entry]
    Wow! Congrats! It's a hard aplication to port... =) just 2 questions for galaxian, the first one, how did you manage to solve the memory allocation problems? the second one, does it use SDL or QT?
    if galaxian could upload or send the source files to me in PM I could compile it for z6 and v8...

    best regards! tincho

    9 Anthony   [Entry]
    WHAAT ?
    It doesn't work on E8 =/

    8 Anthony   [Entry]
    WHOOA, OMG, Thank you so much for the emulator , I've been waiting so many years .. hahaha for this ..

    So much, thank you, thank you, thank you ;D ;D

    7 EXL   [Entry]
    In addition to a simple compilation you need to know more programming language to deal with errors. SDK will not work on the GP2X

    6 elias144   [Entry]
    hi exl, I saw the post of galaxian in magxcn and gives a website where he publishes source this is (only open with internet explorer), unfortunately the source is old and has made improvements that galaxy, but I would like to know how to make a port for e8/em30, I think it is rather gp2x sdk and libs to use, could you explain how to compile?, and which is different from the apps

    5 EXL   [Entry]
    Hello. Thank you. Fine. Unfortunately I can not port the emulator to the VE66, I have no source

    4 Holkaflam   [Entry]
    EXL hello, how are you?, this emulator does not work in VE66, and I tried it but does not work, any solution?

    3 Holkaflam   [Entry]
    EXL hello, how are you?, this emulator does not work in VE66, I probe but not seirve, any solution?

    2 EXL   [Entry]
    I do not have the source ...

    1 JeanCFF   [Entry]
    Would be possible that the port emulator for the z6?

    could someone post the OpenSource!

    Thanks! = D

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