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    Simple Porting Guide for Motorola A1200/A1600/E6 (En)
    [ ] 21-Aug-2009, 17.33.19

    Porting Guide for Motorola A1200, A1600, ROKR E6 (motoezx) (En)

    updated 01.12.2009

    Requirement: OS - Linux

    If you want to compile under windows use a coLinux based distro (andLinux, Topologilinux, Ulteo Virtual Desktop)

    download motoezx-toolchain.tar.gz, megaupload-mirror and copy in (shared with andlinux) folder on computer

    Install enviroment :

    run 'Konsole' under andlinux

    sudo mkdir /mmc
    sudo chown user -R /opt
    sudo chown user -R /home
    sudo chown user -R /mmc
    mkdir /opt/toolchains
    mkdir /home/a1200
    mkdir /home/a1200/build
    mkdir /mmc/mmca1
    tar -C /opt/toolchains -xzvf /mnt/win/motoezx-toolchain.tar.gz
    cp /opt/toolchains/motoezx/setenv-a1200.sh /home/a1200
    cp /opt/toolchains/motoezx/setenv-a1200-2.sh /home/a1200

    Note: If you use a Linux OS (Ubuntu, Mandriva, Debian, e.t.c.) that doesn't have KDE environment installed, then you can input all the commands under your linux console (Access it with the combination Ctrl+Alt+F1, return to your environment using Alt+F7)

    now when we have installed the enviroment, we can try porting an application

    run enviroment

    cd /home/a1200
    . setenv-a1200.sh

    download any source
    for example newvox 1.0
    extract in /home/a1200

    cd /home/a1200
    tar -xzvf /mnt/win/newvox-1.0.tar.gz

    cd newvox-1.0

    Configure it for your MotoLinux OS

    ./configure --host=arm-linux-gnu

    Compile the application



    if everything was configured and compiled without errors
    we compiled an executable file 'newvox' and now we can test it in the phone. To do so, copy the executable file to your memory card
     and run under console

    cd /mmc/mmca1
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/mmc/mmca1/games/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    chmod +x newvox

    Note: to check your applications under windows access your start menu, click 'Run' and input cmd. After launching dos input


    Now under telnet input the commands written higher

    Info: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH means that you supply the folder where you have your SDL libs installed to (The folder may vary depending on the phone)

    if you don't have a configure file in your sources then you must manually edit your makefile - search and replace strings:

    CC:=gcc ---> CC:=arm-linux-gnu-gcc
    cc=gcc ---> CC=arm-linux-gnu-gcc
    cxx=g++ ---> CXX=arm-linux-gnu-g++
    ld=ld ---> LD=arm-linux-gnu-ld
    ar=ar ---> AR=arm-linux-gnu-ar
    as=as---> AS=arm-linux-gnu-as
    oc=oc ---> OC=arm-linux-gnu-objcopy
    ranlib=ranlib ---> RANLIB=arm-linux-gnu-ranlib
    strip=strip ---> STRIP=arm-linux-gnu-strip

    Solution for adding autohide app(s)  when you receive an incoming call (sms, flip, other phone events) with suspending audio based on replacing procedure SDL_PollEvent with own mySDL_PollEvent

    int mySDL_PollEvent(SDL_Event *event);

    // audio use sdl-lib
    SDL_AudioSpec obtained;
    boolean _audioSuspended;

    void suspendAudio();
    int resumeAudio();

    // audio use sdl-mixer lib
    void suspendAudio();
    void closeAudio(void);

    int mySDL_PollEvent(SDL_Event *event)  {
        int _r= SDL_PollEvent(event);
        if (!_r)
            return 0;
        if (event->type == SDL_ACTIVEEVENT) {
            if (event->active.state == SDL_APPINPUTFOCUS && !event->active.gain) {

                for (;;) {
                    _r = SDL_WaitEvent(event);
                    if (!_r)
                    if (event->type == SDL_QUIT)
                        return 1;
                    if (event->type != SDL_ACTIVEEVENT)
                    if (event->active.state == SDL_APPINPUTFOCUS && event->active.gain) {
                            return 1;
      return _r;

    // if audio use sdl-lib
    void suspendAudio() {
        _audioSuspended = true;

    int resumeAudio() {
        if (SDL_OpenAudio(&obtained, NULL) < 0){
            return -1;
        _audioSuspended = false;
        return 0;
    if audio
    use sdl-mixer-lib
    void suspendAudio()

    int resumeAudio() {
      int r = Mix_ResumeAudio();
      if(r == -1){
        return -1;

    void closeAudio(void) {

      Check the examples (sound use sdl-lib) hheretic-0.2.0-1200-lubomyr.patch and hhexen-1.6.0-1200-lubomyr.patch (sound use sdlmixer-lib)
    More info to come...

    Monitoring "Segmentation fault" problem
    Download gdb and unpack to phone /mmc/mmca1/games folder
      application must be compiled with prefix '-g' and must not be stripped

    ulimit -c unlimited

    Segmentation fault (core dumped)
    <core> file will be created
    ../bin/gdb ./<app> <core>

    utility strace

    ../bin/strace ./app

    updated 31.10.2009
    enviroment moved to /opt/toolchains/motoezx

    rebuilded sdl, sdl-mixer and more other lib(s)

    made english language fixes

    To be continued...

    Category: Others | Added by: lubomyr
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    Total comments: 7
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    7 vinay  

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    6 little pig  
    我是用的是moto e6.....一直想自己也编写几个native app.....可一直不知如何入门。。。望赐教啊。。。。。

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    5 little pig  
    喂。。伙计。。有没有基础的linux 教程啊。。。

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    4 Fuzhuo  
    Thanks,This is very useful
    But,Sorry,I can't download motoezx-toolchain.tar.gz from the link you give in this page.Would you give me an available url?

    And I think E2's native apps' format is tar gz in .MPKG not the .PKG
    Waitting you reply ^_^

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    3 Prashant  
    Before using i want to know what will be the result duel boot or android or any other best result.

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    2 yy26_even  

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    1 Pantamorph  
    Thanks for the guide!
    Never thought it was so simple!

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